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foobar2000 stuff

Enable current song display in your Jabber status message (Psi)

  • Download the foobar2000 plugin foo_tunefile
  • Install it, then set the filename to C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\PsiData\tune
  • Enable "Publish tune" in Psi (it's in the "Status"-tab)

If your Jabber server supports it (pubsub? fixme), your status message will contain the current song playing. scrobbling

  • Download foo_audioscrobbler
  • Install, go to Preferences, Tools, Audioscrobbler and enter your credentials
  • If a song fails to display on, open the console to see why


This seems to mess things up as fuck. I have no nerves to debug the issues (clicking sounds, Windows slowdowns) any further. It might be needless anyway.