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I built a second DZ60 mechanical keyboard

This is my second mechanical keyboard build. Read up on the previous one here. Why and what's the difference?

Why is easy: I was fed up carrying my beloved keyboard to work all day. The difference between the two keyboards are subtle, but still:

  • 2.25u left shift: this is a bit more standard and makes it easier to find keycaps
  • More standard 2.75 right shift: I did not get used to the 1u right shift
  • No split space bar: I never really got much use out of split spacebars. I'll lose a second layer key though
  • Brass plate and low-profile aluminium case: a bit of luxury
  • Switches: Gateron browns, the Cherry MX clears are nice to type, but too tiring for all-day use (possibly also in combination with SA profile keycaps)
  • Leftover PBT keycaps

As the building itself was almost identical to my previous article, I only list the BOM here.

Bill of materials

Note that by being in Europe, some parts can be hard to come by and/or shipping fees are more expensive than the ordered components themselves. Here's a list of the shops I bought my stuff from.

Part Count Shop Note
DZ60 Type-C rev 3.0 PCB w/ Cherry stabilizers 1 KBDfans KBDfans is also on AliExpress
Plate 1 KBDfans brass plate w/ layout B (2.25u left shift
Gateron brown switches 68 KBDfans
Low-profile aluminium case 1 KBDfans Houses the DZ60 without modifications

Custom layout

I again made a custom layout:

Final photo

the final setup