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About is powered by Linode and has been running Debian GNU/Linux for ages. This combination worked great for services like WWW, email and Jabber for over a decade now. Explore the past days of on

Alerting is outsourced to UptimeRobot.

Linux User Group?

Some decades ago we were a small but real Linux User Group Herzogenbuchsee. So that's the story behind the domain name. As knowledge in Linux rised, we couldn't see the purpose of this website with forums for a small user base anymore. So for years this website was just a rather useless dynamic page until I got bored by the growing troublesomeness of keeping e.g. WordPress up to date.

From now on, I'll focus on content. Pelican really helps here, as one can simply write content in Markdown syntax and then render static web pages.

What do we host



I'm reachable by email: (not ameyer AT lugh DOT ch).